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Experience the local life

Come meet Mike Ferrell, local resident, artist,Spanish cookery guru and writer

My story..... Christmas  43 years ago my the wife handed me four presents, the smallest contained a set of brushes, the second a  set of oil paints, the third  two canvas painting boards and the forth a book on Impressionist paintings.  This was the start of a painting journey and  haven’t stopped.    I take private  art classes in my studio in the village mainly working in oils, water colours though do use other mediums, am currently working on  pieces for my November exhibition in Alcala la real, 20 minutes drive from Locubin.  The exhibtion is call Impressions of Andalusia comes to alcalá la real, and nowooking at exhibiting further afield, Granada and Madrid are  all on my radiar!  ​

 How I came to live in Castillo de Locubin.  I dreamed of leaving the UK and living in Spain, however  I  just stumbled across Andulucia totally by chance, the climate is gentle, weather hot and dry, the people are warm and friendly,  scenery is stunning,  land is covered in olive groves and now vineyards are popping up around the region.   I’m never short of subjects to paint, as  the light  amazing,  I have never felt so at home, and I’m proud to live in this stunning real working white village.​

Cookery  has always played an important role in my life and before leaving England I was asked by a local publisher if interested in producing a cookery book using my own recipes and   illustrating my own book, I jumped at the chance and currently  working towards completing it very soon.  ​

 One of the ways to experience the culture of a country is through its local cuisine and wines. I would like to invite  Janets guests to experience and taste some of   local dishes, prepared by myself in her casa.   My cooking classes are designed to inspire and give you a feel of the way the Andulucian  people live, eat and drink. ​

Over a glass of local wine a lot of laughter in Janet and Roberts kitchen, I will  teach you how to create simple local dishes,  all very informal, apron on and cook, just as you would do at home! ​

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