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About Us


Hola and welcome to my  website.


We are seasoned travellers Janet and Robert,  who would like to extend a warm welcome to Casa flor de Cerezo Casa (Cherry Blossom Casa) located in the Andalusian sun. ​

Castillo de Locubin is located 50 minutes drive through the mountains from Granada, in the region of Jaen renowned for its olive groves & cherries, natural rugged landscape, rich culture and history. It is located off the main road to Cordoba 10 minutes drive from the town of Alcala La Real, and is a traditional white washed Spanish working town with a rich heritage stretching back to Moorish times.   It is definitely a place you can use as a useful jumping off point to explore the rest of the region, with a distinct atmosphere and culture.  Rest assured that you will certainly have arrived in the REAL SPAIN.​


More about Janet...


For me, it is always about great travel experiences, memories made and sharing the stories.


I am a people person, enthusiastic and passionate about travelling. Born in New Zealand I

currently live in Edinburgh.   My working life from New Zealand, London to Scotland has

always been people focused from training staff in large corporations, co-owning a travel

agency and developing bespoke tours, operated a beautiful boutique B&B to managing a

fabulous castle in Scotland which was also a wedding venue.    


Over the years I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, America, Canada and

the South Pacific.  I still believe the importance of personalised travel, based on personal

experience, will deliver the best travel experiences. 


In recent years, I enriched my Spanish connection and purchased a character casa in a white washed village in the heart of Andalucía.  I love the authentic rustic realness of the small village, especially when the wee truck from the local bakery stops at my doorstep selling today’s freshly baked goods.


These days I combine my passions, hosting bespoke travel experiences giving you the chance to see the real heart of Andalucia and Tuscany from an insider’s perspective. 


All the while, still finding new places to amaze and delight.


Nothing awakens your senses like travelling.  

More about Robert...


I try and keep my philosophy simple.  Life is a journey, one of discovery with many twists

and surprises along the way.  My life's journey has certainly been one blessed with travel

experiences.  As a Surgeons son I grew up on the wild plains and savannahs of Tanzania

and Kenya, travelling from Mission Stations to the more cosmopolitan cities of Nairobi and

Mombasa.  I have been on a camel safari to catch a total eclipse in the middle of a desert,

have witnessed the great migrations of the Serengeti and Amboseli and the passing of the

pastoral lifestyles in these lands. 


Travel certainly is a great vehicle for this, helping me to positively open up and embrace the rich and

varied cultures and histories surrounding us. 

Going on this journey with Janet has meant travelling literally to the other side of the world experiencing

places as diverse as New Zealand, Asia and back to  Kenya.  Europe has however always held a special

place for us, from the fortified towns atop rolling Umbrian and Tuscan hills to the bleached white villages of Andalucian valleys and the astonishing wonders of Cordoba, Granada and Ronda. It’s a wonderful world out there, especially if you take the trouble to travel its roads with us. 

Bon voyage! We hope to see you soon. 


And introducing Susan...


I love all things  about travel, the adventures and experiences, new cultures,meeting people, 

sensational food, delicious wines and sometimes falling asleep in the sun.   


For me It all started many years ago as a member Marching (Drill) Team, we performed at

the Edinburgh Tattoo, a truly amazing experience, followed two years later with performances

in Denmark.  That was it, travel became an intrinsic part of me and my life.  In the last few years

I have travel and explored  Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Asia and the South Pacific.     


I appreciate an active outdoor lifestyle and enjoy walking, running, and mountain biking.  Then

there are times when some peace and tranquillity are just what you need.


I have a wonderful Loft by  a  Lake in New Zealand , which I manage through Airbnb.  I love it, particularly

taking care of overseas guests to ensure they have the very best experience providing guidance on local activities, tours, dining and seeing the special places often missed. 


All together it is the perfect background to assist Janet with her bespoke small group travel around the Andalusian region,  this is a truely unique  personal experience   with a blend of food, wine, art, with flexibility.   We look after the logistics, planning and research so you can  immerse yourself into the destination and soak up the atmosphere while travelling amongst friends.

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